- Animation Demo Reel -

I'm happy to share my animation Demo Reel, it is the fruit of a long while of work.Hope you all like it.

Ps: The music is - Hittin' on all sixes, by The Track Team
 (Legend of Korra Soundtrack)

- Ara's Concept Art -


  So here it is.. This is a gathering of some designs of spaces, elements, 
haracters and colors I made for my graduation project, 
which was a traditional animation titled "Ara".

- Heyoan - Concept art booklet-

This booklet will help as base to an animation project called
 "Heyoan, The Wind whispering truth trough the centuries". 
Meet this Character along with Ayda Luz and the story 
they have to share with us.

-Kung Fu salutation-

This is an exercise of traditional 2D animation, consisting of a metamorphosis.
 I decided to take two elements that bring me great inspiration, 
on one hand I got Perla, which was my pet dog for many years and 
now is resting in peace, and on the other hand I got a 
character I developed called Tai Chi Master