Timelab Disaster

Here's some images I've been making recently as part of a video game project 
I'm developing with a pair of good friends-colleagues. I'm working as a 
visual development artist (and animator), so my main task is to 
come up with the ideas and designs of the characters, 
the architecture, the props (objects that appear in the scenery),
 the visual mood of the story and so on. 

So this is the bad guy of the story... an innocent assistant who became a 
monstrous rat due to an unexpected explosion that was not his fault. 


                                                             Color Key for the first level

 Character sketches

Doctor Whovernstein modelsheet

Abelard Rossetti (rat version) modelsheet

Doctor Whovernstein Animation tests  
(1080p recommended)

Level I Preview 
(1080p recommended)

Early concept designs and their 3D modeling  

Lucy the Lab in the Sky