- Coffee and TV -

- Hick -

- Oz series -

- Daft Punk / One more time -

Check out the video experiment I did based on the painting .

- The prisoner of Azkaban series -

- She ain't another kid with those Converse Kicks... -

- Couldn't think of a good title for this one... -

 - Benny Billy's sunset -

- I saw her standing there -

- Zorro -

- Studying the lessons of K. Hultgren and A. Szunyoghy -

- Centaur Lady -

- Century man -

- Liu Ja nian -

- Random L. -

- Tao Okamoto -

- Witch -

- Manuel García Castaño -

- Salome Torres -

- Mohammed -

- Eagle Fly Free -

- Dont'  dare to lose your dogs again, or else... -

This is my Earth Colossus, who is really upset thanks of the lack of 
responsibility of this young scout. Better for him if he hadn't any dogs. 
Made for a Deviantart contest.

- Feliz Micha -

Digital Illustration I made as a gift for one of my closest friends, Michael Nova.
 In this opportunity I made a dressing interchange as an anecdotal 
event (he wouldn't normally wear that kind of handmade clothing, 
neither a fisherman hat with the andean music 
instrument called zampoña.) 

- Professor Calculus Corporation for a better future -

Tribute to Herge's Tintin made as a collab done together 
with illustrator Camila Abondano.

- Guayaba -

Botanical illustration colored in PS. 
The inks were done with Artline Drawing System pen on durex paper.
It is a guava we, the students at college, were observing in the 
biology laboratory using a stereoscope , wich is a kind of
 microscope that allows people to have a very detailed 
view of objects without arriving to their molecular structure.

- Road to the temple - 

Proposal for a Miller limited edition beer's packing. Basically, 
it shows the story of two noble messengers from the Miller's pantheon, 
whose mission is to transport that special beer to the holly place
 located in heaven where all gods rest. Unfortunately these 
two messengers allowed themselves to succumb to the temptation
 of keeping the drinks only for them.